'Revenge gas attack' near site of downed Russian helicopter

'Revenge gas attack' near site of downed Russian helicopter
A Syrian regime helicopter dropped gas filled barrel bombs on village close to the crash site of a Russian chopper shot down by rebels earlier on Monday.
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02 August, 2016
Idlib was heavily bombed on Monday by Russian and Syrian regime war planes [AFP]

Around 15 Syrian civilians are being treated for asphyxiation after regime helicopters dropped two barrel bombs containing chlorine gas on a village in Idlib province.

Saraqib, in northwestern Syria, had earlier witnessed the surprise downing of a Russian helicopter on Monday.

The body of one of the airmen was dragged through a field by angry civilians in rural Idlib, where Russian and regime air raids have been frequent.

Hours later and activists reported "50 air raids" in the area, followed by a chlorine gas and barrel bomb attack.

"A regime helicopter dropped two barrel bombs containing poisonous gas on a civilian neighbourhood in central Saraqib, causing 15 cases of asphyxiation mostly among women and children," a civil defence source told The New Arab.

"The victims were rushed to the city's field hospital."

The civil defence source explained that the attack did not result in a large explosion, however, the victims suffered nausea, breathing difficulties and fainting.

The victims received oxygen at the field hospital while  children remained under observation.

Activisits said that regime warplane flew over the city following the attack and targeted ambulances with cannon.

Heavy air raids by Russian and regime planes in Idlib and Aleppo on Monday have killed and injured dozens.