Renowned Syrian doctor dies in Daraa air raid

Renowned Syrian doctor dies in Daraa air raid
Hasan Hariri, who saved countless lives treating victims of bombings in Syria's rebel-held Daraa, has died in an air strike as he was working in the field.
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14 March, 2017
Hariri lost seven bombs in one air raid on his home [al-Jazeera]
One of Syria's best-known and respected doctors has died in a Russian or regime air raid, ending a lifetime devoted to helping the Syrian people. 

Hasan Hariri was killed in suspected regime bombing while treating an injured rebel soldier in the rebel-held city of Daraa on Sunday.

Hariri had treated countless victims of Syrian regime bombs and gunfire since the start of the revolution in 2011 and helped save many lives.

He lost seven sons to one regime air raid on his home in 2014.

Hariri was treating rebel fighters when he returned home and found his children wrapped in shrouds, according to al-Arabiya. He was injured when he returned to the scene to retrieve the boys' toys and was struck by a missile.

Despite the devastating losses, Hariri continued to treat other victims and cared for his two surviving children.

He told al-Jazeera about his decision to return to Syria after a brief stay in Jordan: "I can still see their school bags, clothes, and toys. This makes me feel more determined to follow my dream in achieving justice and fighting Assad's brutal regime."

Syrians took to social media to express their sadness at Hariri's loss and gratitude for his work which ultimately cost him his life.

"The Syrian Coalition extends its sincere condolences to the family and friends of Hariri as it emphasises that the Syrian people will continue their struggle for freedom, dignity, and justice," said the Syrian opposition group.