Regime forces block food to refugee camp

Regime forces block food to refugee camp
The Syrian regime has blocked food and aid from reaching a refugee camp in south Syria.
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07 August, 2018
Refugees are stranded in a desert near the Jordanian border (Getty)
Syrian regime forces continue to prevent food and medical supplies from reaching a refugee camp near the Jordanian border in an attempt to pressure the displaced to return to their areas under the control of Bashar al-Assad.

A source from the camp told The New Arab that food and medicine, has become scarce and there are fears of famine and the spread of diseases.

The camp, located on the Syrian-Jordanian border near the Al-Tanf crossing, is home to some 55,000 people, suffering from deteriorating health, with lack of access to services due to lack of recognition of the camp. 

The Syrian regime wants refugees who fled the country's conflict to return home and has set up a coordination committee to repatriate millions of nationals.

The cabinet on Sunday "agreed to create a coordination body for the return of those displaced abroad to their cities and villages," state news agency SANA reported on Sunday.

The bloody seven-year conflict has displaced more than five million Syrians outside the country, the United Nations says, with more than half displaced to Turkey and most of the rest split between Lebanon and Jordan.