In radical move, Yemen to get 'competent' government ministers

In radical move, Yemen to get 'competent' government ministers
Cabinet portfolios are to be based on politicians' capabilities instead of party allegiance for first time.
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30 October, 2014
Yemen's parties discussed the electoral system [AFP/Getty]

Yemen's ministries will be assigned based on politicians' competencies for the first time, under a deal agreed this week.

The country's new cabinet will be decided by which would-be ministers would be best-suited to each portfolio, rather than relying on the party quota system which had previously been in place.

Prime Minister-designate Khaled Mahfoudh Bahah had reportedly struggled to agree a full cabinet because of infighting between representatives of rival parties within the ruling coalition.

The meeting on Wednesday at which the deal was reportedly agreed was also attended by Jamal bin Omar, the UN envoy to Yemen.

The proposal was made ​​by the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) coalition, according to a press statement issued by its spokesperson, Mohammad Qubati. Qubati said the Houthis had approved of the proposal [AR].

This article is an edited translation from our Arabic edition.