Qatar will 'diversify its economy' and grow stronger: Sheikh Tamim

Qatar will 'diversify its economy' and grow stronger: Sheikh Tamim
The Emir of Qatar gave his live television broadcast since the blockade began on Friday night, where he detailed his vision for the future of the country.
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22 July, 2017

Qatar - Emir live broadcast

Qatar will open and diversify its economy so that it can become more independent, the Emir of Qatar said on Friday in his first speech since the international blockade begain.

Quoting the proverb 'every cloud has a silver lining', Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani said his government would use the recent blockade as a basis to identify where they could improve.

"We will open our economy to new initiatives and investment so that we can produce our own food and medicine and diversify our sources of income," the Emir said.

During his live television broadcast, Sheikh Tamim said:

  • Qatar will remain open in discussions, but any demands must not imperil Doha's right to independence and sovereignty.

  • Qatar requires "diligence, creativity, independent thinking, constructive initiatives and an interest in academic achievement".

We can not talk about sovereignty and freedom of expression
  • Doha does not support terrorism, adding that true Islam could never be a source for terrorism.

  • Any solution to the current 'crisis' must make sure innocent citizens are not affected by future disputes between governments.

The Emir said he had instructed his government to "do whatever it takes to achieve this vision," adding that concrete steps to remove obstacles to investment in the country were mandatory.

The roles of the United States, Germany, France, Britain and Russia in mediating the crisis were welcomed by the Sheikh, before adding a special messages to Kuwait and Ankara for "their important roles".

"I would like to commend  the important role that Turkey has played in the rapid adoption and direct implementation of our Strategic Cooperation Agreement that had been previously signed, and to thank it for its immediate response to meet the needs of the Qatari market."