Qatar 'rejects fanaticism and extremism', delegation tells US-Muslim forum

Qatar 'rejects fanaticism and extremism', delegation tells US-Muslim forum
Qatar's Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed al-Thani reiterated his country's opposition to terrorism and extremism at a US-Islamic forum in New York
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18 September, 2017
Emir Tamim al-Thani will attend the UN General Meeting in New York [Anadolu]
Qatar's Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed al-Thani has told a US-Islamic forum that his country rejects all forms of extremism as Doha fends off accusations by a Saudi-led coalition that is backs terrorism.

Thani told the US-Islamic World Forum that Qatar was committed in its "absolute rejection of all forms of fanaticism and extremism" at the New York conference on Sunday.

The meeting was attended by Qatar Emir Tamim al-Thani who is due to attend the upcoming UN General Assembly meeting in New York.

It comes as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain renew their criticism of Qatar as world leaders meet at the UN headquarters in the US.

The Saudi-led, anti-Doha coalition have blockaded Qatar since June and issued a list of demands that the emirate says infringes on their soveriegnty.

Thani said terrorism and extremism had been allowed to flourish in the region "occupation and oppression" and coincides with "increased political division and ideologies" in the world.

"We have to build bridges to achieve harmony between cultures. Recently, we have witnessed increased bigotry of religion and the use of selective agenda for political ends," he told the meeting

"Religion has nothing to do with terrorism but extremists work to spread the discourse of bigotry and isolation to exist in different countries and societies, and they belong to different religions."

Qatar has been accused by the Saudi-led coalition of supporting extremism and terrorism, but has yet to be presented with evidence of the accusations.

The Qatar emir has meanwhile told European allies that he is ready for dialogue to end the crisis.