Qatar to fund new Palestinian government HQ in Gaza

Qatar to fund new Palestinian government HQ in Gaza
A new unity government offices in Gaza will be built thanks to a donation from Qatar, as a recent major breakthrough between thee two Palestinian political factions was achieved.
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25 October, 2017
Abbas is the current head of the Palestinian Authority [Anadolu]

Qatar will finance the construction of a new headquarters for the Palestinian Authority in Gaza, following a recent diplomatic breakthrough between Palfactions Hamas and Fatah.

Doha's contribution is a sign it backs a recently agreed reconciliation deal between the two Palestinian rivals, and should help bring to an end the decade-long tense stand-off between Hamas and Fatah.

"Qatar has agreed to build the headquarters of the presidency and the headquarters of the Palestinian government in Gaza after the consensus government assumes its duties fully," Qatar's envoy to Gaza Mohammed al-Amadi announced.

The Ramallah-based PA government will retake control of the Gaza Strip from Hamas by 1 December under a reconciliation deal signed in Cairo this month.

Amadi said Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas requested funding from Qatar for the construction of the new government building in Gaza, which Doha agreed to.

The old headquarters was bombed by Israel during the 2008-2009 and 2012 wars, leaving them destroyed.

Qatar paid for much of the reconstruction of Gaza following the Israeli bombing of the besieged strip, although Palestinians there have struggled to bring in building supplies due to blockade by Israel and Egypt.

Hamas - which is backed by Qatar - has controlled the Gaza Strip since the near civil war in the Palestinian territories in 2007.

A recent reconciliation deal between the two sides will see the formation of a new government including Hamas-backed ministers, a Palestinian official in the West Bank said.

He said the goal was to form a "national unity government" to include the "various factions", the official told AFP on condition of anonymity.

"It is important that Hamas be part of this government," he added.

Israel rejects any deal involving Hamas and could continue its blockade on Gaza.

Ally the US has called for the Islamist political movement to disarm and recognise Israel.