Qatar to fly barred passengers after Trump ban blocked

Qatar to fly barred passengers after Trump ban blocked
Qatar Airways will allow passengers previously barred under Trump's travel ban on arrivals from Muslim-majority countries after a Seattle judge temporarily blocked the US President's controversial ban.
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04 February, 2017
Qatar Airways is allowing barred nationals to board flights to the US [Getty]
Gulf carrier Qatar Airways will allow passengers barred from the United States by President Donald Trump's executive order last week to resume boarding US-bound flights after a federal judge blocked the move, an airline spokeswoman said on Saturday.

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has advised Qatar Airways it can board travellers from seven Muslim-majority countries and all refugees who had been banned under the order, according to a statement on the Doha-based airline's website.

A spokeswoman confirmed the airline would start accepting all passengers with valid travel documents including a Green Card.

Trump suspended the entry of nationals from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, and all refugees in a controversial order signed on January 27.

The ban caught the airline industry off guard, with some carriers forced to re-roster flight crew in order to abide by the order.

The judge's temporary restraining order represents a major challenge to Trump's action, although his administration could still appeal the ruling and have the policy upheld.

The travel ban, which includes a ban on Syrian refugees being resettled in the US, has sparked international outcry and protests as well as confusion at airports as some travellers were detained.