Qatar Charity sends urgent aid to refugees in Lebanon as blizzard hits

Qatar Charity sends urgent aid to refugees in Lebanon as blizzard hits
The Doha-based humanitarian NGO Qatar Charity sent ten trucks loaded with food and heating materials to refugee camps near the Lebanon-Syria border.
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20 January, 2022
The charity sent ten trucks of aid to Syrian refugee camps near the city of Arsal in Lebanon [AFP via Getty]

The Qatar Charity has sent a ten-truck aid convoy to camps hosting Syrian refugees in eastern Lebanon to help refugees badly affected by recent winter storms, the humanitarian NGO said Wednesday.

The aid convoy consisted of ten trucks containing food baskets, clothes and heating fuel, which will be distributed across six camps in the Arsal area close to the Syrian border to provide immediate relief for those affected by the adverse weather conditions.

The relief is part of the Doha-based charity's "Warmth and Peace" campaign to support refugees worldwide during the winter season. 

Refugee camps across Syria, Lebanon and Iraq have been hit by severe winter storms that have damaged hundreds of tents.

Videos and photos posted online by residents of Syrian camps hosting internally displaced people showed tents blanketed in white and people shoveling snow from the roofs of their tents to prevent their collapse.

On Tuesday, humanitarian organisations warned that thousands of refugees were at risk as winter storms began across Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.