Portuguese parliament adopts resolution recognising Palestinian Nakba

Portuguese parliament adopts resolution recognising Palestinian Nakba
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22 July, 2023
The Portuguese parliament has adopted a resolution recognising the Palestinian Nakba and the Palestinian people’s struggle for self-determination.
A majority of Portuguese MPs voted to recognise the Palestinian Nakba [Getty]

The Portuguese parliament on Friday passed a resolution recognising the 1948 Palestinian Nakba – the ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their land during the creation of Israel – and praising the Palestinian people’s struggle for self-determination.

The resolution condemned Israel’s expansionism in the West Bank and its continued violation of international law, calling on the Portuguese government to take a “clear and frank” position defending the rights of the Palestinian people, according to Palestinian news agency WAFA.

Deputies from the ruling Socialist Party (PS), as well as the Communist Party (PCP) and the Left Bloc (BE) voted for the resolution while those from the Social Democratic Party (PPD/PSD) and the right-wing Chega Party (CH) voted against.

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The Palestinian foreign ministry welcomed the parliament’s recognition of the Nakba and its expression of support for the Palestinian struggle.

In a statement it said that the passing of the resolution was "a true expression of Portugal's solidarity with the plight of the Palestinian people, which has been going on for 75 years", adding that this was “a first step” to Portugal recognising Palestinian statehood according to WAFA.

The Palestinian foreign ministry also expressed hope that other countries would adopt similar resolutions recognising the Nakba as a “human tragedy” with “ongoing effects and repercussions”.

Palestinians mark Nakba Day on May 15 every year, commemorating the expulsion of around 800,000 Palestinians and the killing of around 15,000 others during the lead-up to the creation of Israel.