Popular Eye on Palestine news page back on Instagram

Popular Eye on Palestine news page back on Instagram
Eye on Palestine has resumed its activity on Instagram. After posting a statement announcing it was back on the platform, the page has posted many videos, including of Israeli strikes on Gaza.
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29 October, 2023
The @eye.on.palestine Instagram page posted a statement on Friday saying it was back [Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty-file photo]

The popular Eye on Palestine news page has resumed its activity on Instagram after recently being disabled following what platform owners Meta said was a potential attempt to compromise the profile.

The @eye.on.palestine page posted a statement on Friday saying it was back.

"Eye on Palestine brings you the sounds and images that official media does not show," it said.

"We defend our people and their legitimate rights guaranteed by heavenly laws and even by international law, by showing the truth that is not eclipsed by the Sun."

Eye on Palestine's page "suddenly went dark" on Wednesday, US media outlet NBC News reported, with the secondary @eye.on.palestine2 and a connected page on both Facebook and Threads, Meta's challenger to Elon Musk's platform X, also inaccessible.

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Eye on Palestine said the closure of its page happened because of continuous reports made against it and technical problems that it had worked hard to resolve in previous days, adding that its return was due to its team's efforts and communication with Meta.

The statement said the team had decided to disable its Facebook page.

The New Arab was unable to access @eye.on.palestine2 on Saturday but Eye on Palestine's Threads account was available.

Eye on Palestine, which has 6.9 million followers, has posted many videos in its short time back on Instagram, including of Israeli strikes against Gaza.

Since the start of Israel's brutal war on Gaza on 7 October, the account has been a major source of news relating to Israel’s bombardment of the enclave – with its posts frequently shared or re-posted by users.

The account also shared posts in multiple languages, including Arabic, English, German and Turkish.

Meta had said on Wednesday that the profiles were disabled following indications of compromise, NBC News reported.

Company spokesperson Andy Stone said: "These accounts were initially locked for security reasons after signs of compromise, and we're working to make contact with the account owners to ensure they have access.

"We did not disable these accounts because of any content they were sharing."