Pompeo, Bolton headline anti-Iran group event

Pompeo, Bolton headline anti-Iran group event
Trump administration officials said they were 'disturbed' by the EU plan to shield Iran from sanctions as it continues to comply with the nuclear accord.
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26 September, 2018
Pompeo speaks at the United Against Nuclear Iran Summit in New York City [Getty]
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton headlined an event at an ultra-hawkish anti-Iran lobby group on Tuesday, a few blocks away from where the UN is holding its annual General Assembly.

Addressing the United Against a Nuclear Iran (UANI), Pompeo said he was "disturbed and indeed deeply disappointed" by the EU's plan to set up a way to preserve business with Iran and avoid renewed American sanctions.

"This is one of the most counterproductive measures imaginable for regional peace and security," Pompeo said, accusing the EU of "solidifying Iran's ranking as the number-one state sponsor of terrorism". 

"I imagine the corrupt ayatollahs and IRGC were laughing this morning," Pompeo added at the event in New York, referring to the elite Revolutionary Guards, in a speech that was interrupted several times by anti-war protesters.
President Donald Trump pulled out of an agreement negotiated under his predecessor Barack Obama for Iran to curtail its nuclear program sharply in exchange for sanctions relief.

She said that EU members were working on a legal entity that would allow businesses to buy oil and conduct other business with Iran in hopes of avoiding US sanctions.EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, speaking late Monday alongside Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, said that the agreement was in the global interest and pointed to UN inspectors' findings that Iran is in compliance.

Leaks sent to Lobeblog by "Global Leaks" suggest a close link between UANI and the UAE government.

Abu Dhabi, along with its larger ally Riyadh, are arch-rivals of Tehran and its role in the Middle East. 

Both Bolton and Pompeo were criticised after being tapped to join the Trump administration for their hawkish views and past calls for regime change in Iran. 

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