Poll shows most Turks from different parties have no trust in NATO

Poll shows most Turks from different parties have no trust in NATO
A poll has shown that a large percentage of Turks do not trust NATO despite Turkey's membership with the bloc.
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14 June, 2022
Turkey is one of NATO's 30 member states [Getty]

An opinion poll in Turkey has shown that most Turks have low trust in NATO, of which the country has been a member since 1952.

The poll, conducted by research company MetroPOLL, revealed that two thirds of Turks do not trust the military alliance, while only a quarter did.

"This is suitable for those who want to distance Turkey from the west and bring it closer to the Middle East. This constitutes success for nationalists and Eurasians, and a great advantage for the ruling authority," owner of Metropol Ozer Sencar told local newspaper Zaman.

Sencar also published the study on his Twitter page.

The poll showed that 70.3% of participants from the Nationalist Movement Party and 66.8% from President Tayyip Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party do not trust NATO.

The percentage of those who do not have confidence in the alliance from Turkey’s opposition parties also exceeded 60% according to the research, with 66.7% from the Peoples’ Democratic Party, 62.4% from the Republican People's Party, 64.8% from the Good Party, and 63.3% from the Felicity Party.

Participants in other parties who said they didn’t trust NATO stood at a staggering 81.4% in total.

The Democracy and Progress Party topped the list with the highest number of people who trusted NATO, but with only 38.1%.

Turkey is one of NATO's 30 member states.