Palestinian PIJ commander shot dead in Israeli army raid on Tulkarm home

Palestinian PIJ commander shot dead in Israeli army raid on Tulkarm home
25-year-old Palestinian Amir Imar Abu Khadijeh was shot in the head and killed following an Israeli army raid of his home in the West Bank.
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23 March, 2023
The killing comes amid increased Israeli attacks on Palestinians this year [Getty]

Palestinian Islamic Jihad commander in Tulkarm was shot dead in an Israeli army raid on his West Bank home on Thursday.

Amir Imar Abu Khadijeh, 25, was shot in the head and lower body after soldiers raided the house in the village of Izbat Shoufa, southeast of the city of Tulkarm, the Palestinian WAFA news agency reported.

The Tulkarm Brigade, affiliated with the Al-Quds Brigades - which is part of the Islamic Jihad movement - mourned Khadijeh, saying he was a founder of the local battalion.

"We will not rest and we will not back down. It is success or martyrdom," the group said in a statement to The New Arab's sister site Al-Araby Al-Jadeed

During the raid, the Israeli military closed the entrance to the village and prevented people from leaving their homes.

The Israeli Army Radio reported that troops surrounded a home near Tulkarm, killing one Palestinian and arresting two others.

Abu Khadijeh and the detainees were alleged perpetrators of a shooting at a nearby checkpoint, The New Arab’s Arabic service Al-Araby Al-Jadeed reported.

The Israeli army claimed that an M16 rifle and military uniform were seized during the raid, along with a car allegedly used in an attack, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed reported.

The killing comes amid increased violence against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank under the new extreme-right Israeli government.

Israeli forces have killed 89 Palestinians since the start of the year.