Palestinians in Lebanon rejoice at Trump's presidential defeat

Palestinians in Lebanon rejoice at Trump's presidential defeat
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09 November, 2020
Palestinians in Lebanon had gathered to celebrate Donald Trump's election loss.
Palestinians in Lebanon gathered to burn pictures of Trump and rejoicing at his loss [Getty]
Palestinians in Lebanon played a song mocking outgoing US President Donald Trump on loudspeakers inside the renowned Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp on Sunday.

"We will give you Jerusalem if sugar becomes bitter and the slave becomes free," some of the lyrics of the song said, according to Lebanon's The Daily Star.

Palestinians in Lebanon had gathered to celebrate Trump's election loss, burning pictures of Trump and rejoicing.

"Trump fell but Palestine remained," Abu Hisham told the outlet.

For the first time in the camp’s history, residents followed the US elections closely, as if the results would directly affect them.

Palestinians believe that Trump threatened their cause by completely aligning with Israel and the "Deal of the Century", which was rejected by the Palestinians because it eliminated their right to return to their land.

Under Trump's administration, the Palestine Liberation Organisation's office in Washington was closed down with the head of mission Ambassador Husam Zomlot expelled.

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to walk-back parts of Trump's record, notably by opposing Israeli settlement expansion in the occupied West Bank, which the president-elect has described as an obstacle to peace.   

He has also promised to restore "humanitarian aid for the Palestinian people" and would re-open a consulate in Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem "to engage the Palestinians".

Ain al-Hilweh
 is the largest refugee camp for Palestinians in Lebanon. It was established in 1948 to host Palestinians displaced by Israeli forces during the establishment of Israel.

The UN says it is home to some 55,000 people.

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