Palestinians call for boycott of Netflix show Money Heist over cast's Israel comments

Palestinians call for boycott of Netflix show Money Heist over cast's Israel comments
Palestinians are calling for a boycott of Money Heist after comments from cast perceived as being pro-Israel.
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07 September, 2021
A parade celebrating Money Heist in Mexico [Getty]

Palestinian activists are calling for a boycott of Netflix TV show "Money Heist" after comments made by some cast members were seen to be supportive of Israel.

In the interview, actor Darko Peric, who plays Helsinki, spoke warmly of his experiences during a past visit to Israel during an interview with Israeli Channel 12 TV on Friday.

"When people travel to Israel, they always talk of the extreme security measures, but when I got here even police members wanted to take pictures with me. It was fascinating," he said.

Palestinian activists said this ignored the suffocating conditions Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza endure, living under Israeli occupation or blockade.

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Jaime Lorente, one of the show's stars, went to Israel in 2019 and also praised the country.

"It's crazy to see the reactions all over the world and in Israel. It's really emotional for me to share these moments with you. I’m happy I was given the privilege to come here and to get to know your warm people, your culture, and your country and I hope to come back here soon,” she said.

"When they talked to me about going to Israel, I agreed right away. I had heard a lot about this amazing country and how special it is and about the Tel Aviv nightlife and the great food. I’d love recommendations about where to eat hummus and falafel."

Palestinian activists launched a viral hashtag called #BoycottLaCasaDePapel, using the show's Spanish name.

Others edited the cover art of the series, referring to it as "The Killers", due to the perceived pro-Israeli comments on the cast members.

Others urged the show's star Alba Flores to question her colleagues on their pro-Israel comments, citing her past comments supportive of Palestinians.

"There is no justification for the massacre.  All our support for the Palestinian people. #PalestineUnderAttack#FreePalestine", she tweeted in May, following Israel's bombardment of Gaza.