Palestinians 'beaten, arrested' by Israeli police as Sheikh Jarrah protests continue

Palestinians 'beaten, arrested' by Israeli police as Sheikh Jarrah protests continue
Protests have been held against the planned eviction of six families resident in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood.
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04 May, 2021
One arrestee was reportedly released on bail and a stay-away order [Anadolu/Getty-file photo]
Five Palestinians were arrested on Monday after a protest against the planned eviction of families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood was suppressed by Israeli police, AlQastal has reported.

Twenty people were injured in the crackdown on the demonstration against the evictions with AlQastal media group releasing a video showing one man with a bloodied face being taken away by police.

The man was released on a 10,000 shekel bail and ordered to stay away from Sheikh Jarrah for 15 days, the website added.

Activists are protesting the planned eviction of Palestinian families from the East Jerusalem suburb of Sheikh Jarrah, to make way for Israeli settlers.

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The Turkish Anadolu news agency confirmed arrests but did not state how many.

The Palestine Red Cross Society treated 10 injured people, with three requiring hospitalisation, according to AlQastal.

The Hope Society for Health Services also reported another ten injuries.

Locals claim that Israeli settlers protected by police also attacked locals in Sheikh Jarrah on Monday evening.

Dr Yara Hawari, a Palestinian scholar, criticised Israeli actions in Sheikh Jarrah via Twitter.

She described the upcoming evictions in the subsurb as being "in… blatant violation of their fundamental human rights".

"This is ethnic cleansing. This is settler colonialism," she continued.

An Israeli court ordered six families from Sheikh Jarrah to leave their home by Sunday.

The same court later ruled they had until Thursday to make a deal with the settler groups attempting to take over their homes.

Seven other families have been told to leave their homes by 1 August.

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