Palestinians and Israeli police clash at al-Aqsa mosque

Palestinians and Israeli police clash at al-Aqsa mosque
At least 35 injured in "unprecedented" outburst of violence at the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem's Old City.
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27 June, 2016


Clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinian worshippers have continued for a second day on Monday at the al-Aqsa mosque, where at least 35 people have been injured and several others arrested.

The violence broke out on Sunday when a gate to the compound that is usually used by tourists and Jews was opened by Israeli police, the mosque's director Sheikh Omar Kiswani told Turkey's Anadolu Agency.

Kiswani described the clash as "unprecedented", in that such occurrences had never happened before in the last ten days of Ramadan,  considered to be the holiest third of the fasting month by Muslims.

Footage has also emerged on social media of the violence at the mosque, with one video showing a worshipper with a bloodied face after clashing with police.

According to Israeli police, the youths who were arrested on the day were disrupting visits to the Temple Mount, which is considered to be a holy site by both Muslims and Jews.

Further clashes have taken place on Monday, with 

While these incidents are said to have been some of the fiercest that the sacred compound has seen during this period of Ramadan, it is not the first time that provocations have occurred during this year's observance of the holy month.

Earlier in the June, Israelis marched through the Muslim Quarter of the Old City on Sunday to mark Israel's 1967 seizure of the Palestinian-dominated eastern half of Jerusalem.

The annual procession came as Palestinian Muslims prepared for Ramadan, when many visit the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem's Old City.

The march passed through the Muslim Quarter before arriving at the Western Wall, directly adjacent to the al-Aqsa compound.

Groups of young Jews waving Israeli flags and chanting nationalist slogans filed through the Muslim quarter.

A number chanted "the temple will be built and the mosque will be burned" and "Mohammed is dead", Israeli daily Haaretz reported.