Palestinians accuse UNRWA of cooperation with Syrian regime

Palestinians accuse UNRWA of cooperation with Syrian regime
Palestinian refugees in Syria have accused UNRWA of cooperation with the Syrian regime, leading to a reluctance to collect aid distributed from the UN agency.
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25 April, 2016
Palestinians in Yarmouk demand that UNRWA facilitates entry of aid into the camp [Getty]
A number of Palestinian refugees in Daraa, southern Syria, have accused UNRWA, the UN agency dealing with Palestinian refugees, of cooperating with the Syrian regime.

A report by the Working Group for Palestinian Refugees in Syria said that Palestinian refugees in the area had become reluctant to receive financial help and aid provided by UNRWA and the PLO, for fear of arrest by Syrian security forces.

The report said that at the end of the last year, the PLO distributed financial aid under the supervision of Syrian security forces, and required the head of of the family to be present.

Palestinians from the refugee camps of Daraa and Muzeireeb have faced scrutiny and prosecution at the hands of the regime, especially if they are wanted by Syrian security or have been conscripted into the Palestinian Liberation Army, loyal to the Syrian regime.

Residents of Daraa and Muzeireeb camps have long complained about the lack of assistance to the area and many live in a poor condition as a result of continued shelling by the Syrian regime.

Palestinians in the area have also suffered from clashes between opposition groups and the regime, which has cut off water to Daraa camp for 750 days.

The working group documented 330 Palestinian deaths in Daraa province since the start of the Syrian war. The group added that at least 200 Palestinian children had been killed in the past five years in Syria.