'The Palestinian war has been completely silenced' says Arsenal star Bellerin

'The Palestinian war has been completely silenced' says Arsenal star Bellerin
Spanish footballer Hector Bellerin has slammed the double standards of the media's coverage of the Ukraine conflict compared to wars in Palestine, Yemen or Iraq.
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24 March, 2022
Spanish footballer Hector Bellerin has criticised the lack of attention given to conflicts outside Europe [Getty]

Spanish footballer and Arsenal fan-favourite Hector Bellerin has slammed the lack of media coverage given to Palestinians, Iraqis and Yemenis compared to the focus on Ukraine.

While the Real Bettis star slammed Russia's invasion of Ukraine,

"It is quite difficult to see that we are more interested in this war than in others," he told La Media Inglesa as reported by Spanish outlet Marca.

In his interview, he compared the huge media attention Russia's horrifying blitz of Ukrainian cities have received compared to similar atrocities in Palestine, Yemen or Iraq.

"The Palestinian war has been completely silenced, no one speaks about it," he said.

"Yemen, Iraq... now Russia not being able to play in the World Cup is something that other countries have faced for many years."

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to widespread international condemnation of Moscow’s actions and several major powers.

Both the US and EU have imposed harsh sanctions on the Russian economy. At the same time, the Israeli expulsion of Palestinians from their homes and subsequent oppression in the West Bank and Gaza has been criticised by virtually no major powers.

On Monday, the UN’s Special Rapporteur for human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories said that Israel’s actions amount to apartheid.

"I don't know if it is because they (Ukrainians) are more like us or because the conflict can affect us more directly both economically and in terms of refugees," said Bellerin. "It is racist to have turned a blind eye to other conflicts and now to have this position."

Hector Bellerin plays as a defender for the Spanish club Real Betis where he is on loan from Premier League side Arsenal.