Palestinian teenage girl 'executed in cold blood' by Israel

Palestinian teenage girl 'executed in cold blood' by Israel
Witnesses in occupied Jerusalem have said troops fired 20 bullets at a teenage girl who allegedly approached a checkpoint carrying a knife.
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09 May, 2017
The shooting took place at the entrance to Jerusalem's iconic 'Old City' [AFP]
A Palestinian teenager was "executed in cold blood" by Israeli forces on Monday, witnesses have said, as more information emerges about the killing of Fatima Afif Abd al-Rahman Hjeiji in Jerusalem.

Rahman was killed when Israeli forces in occupied Jerusalem fired a hail of bullets at the 16-year-old, close to the iconic Damascus Gate which leads to the Old City.

Israel claims Rahman approached a checkpoint carrying a knife shouting "Allahu Akhbar" and was shot before she could attack guards.

But witnesses said that Rahman was stood ten metres away from the checkpoint when she was shot and troops used indiscriminate force to kill the Palestinian.

"One of the soldiers started to shout 'knife! knife!' and moments after that, about five soldiers opened fire at her from every direction," one witness told Maan news agency.
After being hit in the chest and falling to the ground Israeli troops "continued to fire at her back", another witness told the Palestinian media outlet.

Photos showing a nearby car riddled with bullets was one indication that the response from Israeli troops was excessive.

Witnesses said 20 bullets were fired at Rahman who died at the scene with Israeli forces immediately creating a cordon around her body and used pepper spray to push back crowds.

Israel released a photo of a knife it claims Rahman was carrying and a letter to her parents which "included verses from the Quran and was signed 'martyr'".

A photo showing Rahman lying face down on a pavement surrounded by Israeli troops shocked Palestine after the teenager was shot dead on Sunday.

She was the latest Palestinian killed since Israel relaxed its rules of engagement for guards at checkpoints in the Occupied Territories.

Thirty one minors were among 101 Palestinians shot dead by Israeli forces in 2016, according to human rights group B'Tselem.

Rahman was the seventh Palestinian child killed by Israel security forces this year.