'Normalisation' meeting with Israeli journalists in Ramallah condemned by Palestinian Press Syndicate

'Normalisation' meeting with Israeli journalists in Ramallah condemned by Palestinian Press Syndicate
Palestinian journalists slammed a meeting which hosted an Israeli press delegation in the West Bank, considering it a form of normalisation.
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05 August, 2021
Palestinian media say Israeli forces often block their reporting [Getty Images]

A Palestine Liberation Organisation committee, which hosted an Israeli press delegation this week, was slammed by a Palestinian media association Wednesday, for allegedly undermining journalists' efforts to expose Israeli propaganda.

In a statement released Wednesday evening, the Palestinian Press Syndicate denounced a meeting on Wednesday in Ramallah between Palestinian officials and Israeli journalists, describing it as "a sin".

The syndicate said the talks affected journalists' work on "exposing the false narrative of the occupation's media that is always falsified, which is governed by… occupation security services".

The PLO's Committee for Communication with the Israeli Society hosted the press delegation at their Ramallah headquarters in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday, in an apparent effort to show Israeli media the realities of life under occupation and the consequences of Israeli policies.

However, the syndicate claimed that a number of the journalists are settlers and part of Israeli "security".

"Holding such meetings at the headquarters of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, while the occupation authorities continue to commit grave crimes and violations against journalists, prevent their entry into Jerusalem and the occupied territories, and prevent the work of Palestinian media outlets and close their offices… is a great sin that cannot be tolerated," the statement read.

Fatah Movement, PLO and other government officials attended the meeting.