Palestinian shot dead after 'stabbing and car ramming' attacks in Israel

Palestinian shot dead after 'stabbing and car ramming' attacks in Israel
A Palestinian citizen of Israel has been shot dead after fatally stabbing four Israelis.
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Israeli police are investigating the incident [Getty]

Palestinian man was shot dead on Tuesday after allegedly killing four Israelis in a "stabbing and car ramming spree".

Police said the suspect arrived at a petrol station in Beersheba, Israel on Tuesday afternoon and "stabbed a woman".

A man riding his bicycle was also rammed and critically injured, and a woman stabbed in the attack.

Israeli rescue services said four people were killed, although it is not clear if the suspect is included in this figure.

Earlier, Israeli authorities reported "several dead" in the attack.

Israeli media reported that the suspect was shot dead by armed civilians at the scene.

Haaretz reported that the suspect was a Palestinian citizen of Israel who supported the Islamic State group and had been detained for similar membership of an "armed group".

The New Arab cannot verify this information.

Several other stabbings have taken place in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem in recent weeks.

Israel's Prime Minister Naftali Bennett "is currently receiving an update and holding a consultation with the minister of internal security and the commissioner of the police", the premier's office said.