Palestinian official sacked after Israeli settlers 'danced at son's wedding'

Palestinian official sacked after Israeli settlers 'danced at son's wedding'
A video purportedly showing Israeli settlers dancing at a Palestinian wedding has landed a Fatah official in hot water.
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16 June, 2019
The video was shared widely on social media [Screenshot]
The head of a Palestinian village council was sacked from the Fatah political party on Friday after a video emerged showing men thought to be Jewish settlers dancing at his son's wedding.

Radi Nasser, who headed the village of Deir Kadis near Ramallah, was also removed from his post at the Palestinian Education Ministry.

"This is a scathing violation of all of our national values and an affront to the position of every Palestinian," the ministry said in a statement, adding that an investigation will determine whether further action should be taken.

Fatah, the Palestinian ruling faction in the occupied West Bank, said it had received a list of the party's guests and would be holding a no-confidence meeting to discuss whether Nasser should be dismissed.

The four men, who are seen in the video being carried on the shoulders of others at the wedding, were identified as Israeli settlers by Palestinian media. The video spread quickly on social media, drawing condemnation from those who saw the settlers' presence as an insult to the Palestinian village.

Nasser responded to the outrage by denying that he had invited the settlers, saying they had arrived after midnight.

"When they told me and my son that there are four Jews who entered the party, I went over and threw them out of the place," he said, according to Haaretz.

According to Nasser, his relatives said the Jewish settlers had tagged along with invited guests. The Fatah official claimed they were purposely brought to harm his and his son's reputation.

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