Protests as Palestinian 'mystery murders' increase in Israel

Protests as Palestinian 'mystery murders' increase in Israel
Palestinian citizens of Israel are calling for accountability amid sharp increase of murders within Arab towns.
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20 May, 2019
Ahmad Tibi lashed out at the Israeli police [Getty]

Palestinian citizens of Israel are calling for accountability after four Palestinians within a few days have been killed in increasing sporadic attacks.

It came after 33-year-old Palestinian citizen of Israel Ahmed Daraghma was killed on Sunday night in the Palestinian-majority city of Baqa al-Gharbiya.

He was shot whilst attending the funeral of an unnamed man murdered on Saturday in the nearby Palestinian majority town of Tamra. 

Daraghma was murdered hours after another attack on a Palestinian citizen of Israel a day prior to his own death.

His killing sparked outrage as it was the fourth such murder among Palestinian citizens of Israel community in only three days.

Palestinian Knesset Member Ahmad Tibi lashed out at the Israeli police following his death.

"The value of an Arab citizen's life is smaller than that of a Jewish citizen," the chairman of the Hadash-Ta'al coalition told Galatz army radio.

"The Israeli police force is professional and strong. When it invests, it succeeds, like in Netanya and Nahariya. The allegations of lack of cooperation in Arab society are excuses that the state disseminates," he added.

So far, 23 Palestinians have been killed in such murders since the start of the year.

‘No reason behind his murder’

Also on Sunday, masked gunmen shot Wisam Jawdat Yasin, 44, in the early hours of the day outside of his home in Tamra, located in the Lower Galilee.

His murder led to dozens demonstrating in the town and a general strike, protesting against the police negligence in ensuring the safety of Palestinians in the minority towns.

 “We are surprised and don’t know why he was murdered,” an unnamed relative of Yasin told Israeli news outlet Ynet.

“There is no reason for people to murder a respected man who isn’t involved in any dispute. Police need to apprehend the murderers as soon as possible and not take this matter lightly. If the murderers aren’t apprehended they will keep murdering people.”

Tamra has especially been suffering lately from many violent crimes, including armed robberies and shooting.

Whilst police reportedly patrols the streets 24 hours a day, critics say their overall approach to the issue of crime rates in Palestinian-populated areas within Israel remains apathetic.

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