Palestinian killed by Israeli forces during 'Yom Kippur clashes'

Palestinian killed by Israeli forces during 'Yom Kippur clashes'
A young Palestinian man was shot dead by Israeli forces as clashes erupted in the occupied Jerusalem town of Silwan, as Israel beefs up security ahead of Yom Kippur holidays.
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12 October, 2016
Israel has stepped up security for the Yom Kippur holiday [Getty]
A young Palestinian man was shot dead by Israeli forces during fierce clashes in occupied East Jerusalem.

Ali Atef Shyoukhi was killed late on Tuesday during clashes that erupted in Silwan, south of the Old City.

The Israeli army and police were deployed in force across the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem to prevent attacks during the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur.

Ambulances were prevented from reaching the scene because Israeli forces had closed roads during the unrest.

Shyoukhi was left lying injured for more than two hours before he was pronounced dead, according to local organisation Wadi Hilweh Information Centre.

It added Shyoukhi, who was imprisoned for 15 months in October 2014, was shot in the stomach.

Thousands of Jews visit the Western Wall in East Jerusalem's Old City around Yom Kippur, or Day of Atonement, which ends on Wednesday evening.

Israeli security was also on high alert after a Palestinian gunman killed two people in a drive-by shooting on Sunday.

Troops and police have come under increased scrutiny over excessive force used on Palestinians during clashes.

In the last year, nine of ten victims of Israel-Palestinian deadly violence were Palestinian, with 231 dying at the hands of Israelis, including 60 children.

According to a report by Bethlehem-based Maan news agency, the average age of the Palestinians who died was 23 but the most frequent age was 19, with 22 teenagers of that age losing their lives over the 12 months.

The majority of Palestinian deaths - 161 - took place in the West Bank, while 36 occurred in Jerusalem, 29 in the besieged Gaza Strip, and nine in Israel.

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