Palestinian journalist ends 94-day hunger strike after release deal

Palestinian journalist ends 94-day hunger strike after release deal
Israel will free Mohammad al-Qiq on May 21 after months of being imprisoned without charge or trial.
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26 February, 2016
Widespread protests have called for the released of the imprisoned journalist [Getty]
Mohammad al-Qiq is set to end his hunger strike in an Israeli prison after a deal was reached to secure his release.

The journalist has refused food for the past 94 days.

The announcement came from the Palestinian Prisoners' Club on Friday, which confirmed the agreement would bring an end to his battle against his administrative detention - a legal vehicle by which Israel may indefinitely imprison people, with nether criminal charge nor trial, for renewable six-month periods.

"Our son's determination has proven to be victorious against the Israeli jailers," his family said. "This is a milestone in the fight to end all administrative detentions."

The agreement covers three main areas, including ending the writer's detention on May 21, as well as giving him the option to continue his treatment in any government hospital in the occupied territories once released.

"The imprisoned journalist will be a guest prisoner at Nafha prison following the end of his hunger strike and will not go to the Ramla prison clinic to ensure his release on the agreed date," said the PPC.

The 33-year-old is currently under observation at an Israeli hospital, but has been refusing all treatment unless he is released.

A doctor who visited him earlier this month described his condition as "extremely grave" and said al-Qiq could barely speak or even hear.

Al-Qiq's protest highlights Israel's divisive practice of holding hundreds of Palestinians at a given time without charges or trial.

Al-Qiq began his hunger strike on 25 November in protest at this administrative detention - which Israel maintains is an important security tool, especially at a time of increased Israeli-Palestinian violence.