WATCH: Hero Palestinian doctor who saved infant reveals details of heart-wrenching incident

WATCH: Hero Palestinian doctor who saved infant reveals details of heart-wrenching incident
Distressed parents of a one-year-old girl ran into a hospital in the early hours of the morning, seeking immediate help after their daughter stopped breathing.
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10 April, 2021
The video has been widely shared online [Twitter]
A video that has gone viral online showed the harrowing moments in which a Palestinian doctor saved the life of an infant girl while her parents looked on in horror.

In the 1 min 35 second clip, the parents are seen scurrying into the hospital while carrying the seemingly lifeless body of their one-year-old, who appeared to have choked.

Just seconds after their arrival, doctor Mujahid Nizal takes the child between his hands while the distressed mother and father are seen jumping around, unable to control their emotions.

The doctor lays the infant face down and taps her back until her airway is finally cleared. In that touching moment, the doctor is seen breathing a sigh of relief as the father drops to his feet to thank him. 

In a Facebook post attributed to Nizal, the doctor relayed the incident which he said took place in the early hours of the morning, just minutes before dawn prayers and after a long and strenuous shift at the Jenin-based hospital.

“I laid down to rest for a moment and woke up to screams that still ring through my ears. I ran towards them with my eyes still shut,” he said.

“The father was shouting ‘she’s dead, she’s dead, she choked’,” the doctor said, noting he was yet to process what was unfolding before his eyes.

“The mother was crying without any sound. She was unable to utter a word. I held the corpse of the one-year-old without even thinking, I felt my own heart had stopped.”

“These are the unforgettable moments of life. You truly feel the greatness of the soul and the instincts of mothers and fathers," he said.

"It is a moment in which you see how the hearts of parents can be destroyed by separation. As a doctor, you feel that God brought you to this moment so you can experience such an incident and be the reason for saving a soul,” he added.

Palestinian Health Minister Mai al-Kaila praised the courageous efforts of the doctor who has since been described as a hero by social media users worldwide.

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