Palestinian man executed by Israeli snipers in Gaza City as he 'searched for food'

Palestinian man executed by Israeli snipers in Gaza City as he 'searched for food'
The Palestinian civilian, who has not yet been identified, is the latest victim of Israeli war crimes in the Gaza Strip, following his execution by snipers.
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04 February, 2024
Israeli snipers have been targeting Palestinians in Gaza during Tel Aviv's military onslaught in the territory [Getty/file photo]

Alarm has been raised over the execution of a Palestinian man in Gaza City, in an incident described as "harrowing" by human rights groups.

The Palestinian man was reportedly shot in the back by an Israeli sniper, the Euro-Med rights monitor said, as he searched for food, amid Israel’s military onslaught and siege which has killed over 27,300 people.

The monitor said the incident bears a resemblance to a number of executions carried out by Israeli snipers from rooftops in Gaza, as part of Tel Aviv’s atrocities against Palestinian civilians in the Strip.

In an image shared online, bullet holes can be seen in the man’s back. The Palestinian can be seen lying on the ground next to a bike he presumably rode as he searched for food in Gaza City.

The disturbing photograph also showed cats near the Palestinian man's body as he lay dead, potentially sniffing or eating away at the corpse.

Ramy Abdu, the Euro-Med monitor’s chairman, said: "[The man] fell victim to Israeli snipers. Daily, Israeli snipers positioned on rooftops murder dozens of civilians & restricting movement of ambulances".

The Palestinian victim has yet to be identified.

Israeli forces have killed a significant number of Palestinians in both Gaza and the occupied West Bank during its military onslaught since October 7, as well as throughout the decades of its occupation and siege of the Palestinian territories.

In another incident this month, a Palestinian man waving a white flag was shot dead by an Israeli sniper in the southern city of Rafah moments after he was interviewed by UK broadcaster ITV News.

Ramzi Abu Sahloul’s killing was later captured by television cameras, in another documentation of Israeli war crimes in Gaza.

In December, Israeli snipers killed Hadiya Nassar, a Palestinian woman who went viral for "being older than Israel".

The elderly woman, who was born in 1944, was killed outside her home in Gaza as war raged in the territory.

In November, Israeli snipers also shot and killed Gaza’s first-ever music teacher, Elham Farah, who belonged to the territory’s minority Christian community.


Farah, who was 84 years old, was killed as she was headed towards her apartment on her way back from church. She was shot in the leg, and anyone who tried to approach her was also targeted by the snipers. Ambulances were also prevented from reaching her.

Tel Aviv has waged a deadly war in the enclave since October 7, killing 27, 365 Palestinians as of Sunday. Israel has been accused of carrying out a range of war crimes against Palestinians during the course of the war, including the execution of Palestinian civilians in cold blood.