Palestinian commander shot dead in refugee camp

Palestinian commander shot dead in refugee camp
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28 January, 2016
A prominent Palestinian commander belonging to a pro-Syrian regime faction was shot dead in the Shatila refugee camp in Lebanon on Thursday.
Abu Wasim was a prominent military commander with a Fatah splinter group [Twitter]
A prominent Palestinian leader from the Fatah splinter group "Fatah al-intifada" was shot dead by unknown assailants in the Shatila camp in Lebanon on Thursday.

Sources told The New Arab that the shooting of Abu Wasim Huzeina was likely due to internal differences within the organisation.

However, during a meeting at the headquarters of the Islamic Jihad, Palestinian factions said that the assassination "intended to undermine security and stability" of the camp and neighbourhood, accusing "Lebanese elements" of being behind the assassination.

Meanwhile, Lebanese security forces said that Islamist militants were likely behind his death. 

Abu Wasim was reportedly also responsible for crackdowns on drug dealers operating between Shatila and the neighbouring camp Sabra, which lies outside Beirut. 

A committee has been formed by the Palestinian factions in the camp to carry out a joint investigation into his death.

The area is currently on a high security alert and armed factions are patrolling the streets.

Fatah al-Intifada is a Palestinian faction that split from Fatah in 1983 to oppose Yasser Arafat with support from the Syrian regime.

Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon often suffer from clashes between rival factions.