Palestinian citizen of Israel fatally shot in Lod in suspected hate crime

Palestinian citizen of Israel fatally shot in Lod in suspected hate crime
The fatal shooting of Moussa Hassouna occurred as protests swept through Israel late on Monday.
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11 May, 2021
The shooting in Lod came as protests swept through Israel [AFP/Getty]
A Palestinian citizen of Israel was fatally shot in Lod as protests swept through Israel late Monday.

The Ynet Israeli news website said the death was "a suspected hate crime", adding that a Jewish man, 34, has been arrested.

It explained that another Palestinian man, 20, was "moderately wounded" and rushed to the Sheba Medical Center, a facility close to Tel Aviv.

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Haaretz reported that a second suspect was arrested.

Arab48 also said a second suspect had been detained, giving his age as 42.

Moussa Hassouna, 32, had three children, according to Haaretz.

Ynet reported Hassouna's age as 25.

Haaretz said the Israeli authorities were considering that Hassouna may have been killed after Palestinians allegedly pelted Jewish houses with stones.

In a video the Israeli daily claimed was from the event, a group approaches a vehicle, one individual carrying an object that appears to be alight in his hand, before gunfire rings out.

Two residents told Haaretz that locals, presumably Jewish, let rounds off into the air.

One of the daily’s sources, Meir Layosh, said the locals then fired at those gathered after they were not "divert[ed]".

The paper added that police believe one armed Jewish local pointed their firearm at the Palestinians, instead of into the air.

Another local source said four or more shots were fired.

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