Palestinian accused of Hebron hit-and-run turns himself in

Palestinian accused of Hebron hit-and-run turns himself in

The Palestinian who ran over Israeli soldiers near Arroub refugee camp north of Hebron hands himself over to authorities, the Israeli army says.
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06 November, 2014
CCTV still of the accident in progress

The Palestinian who allegedly ran over three Israeli soldiers in front of the Arroub refugee camp in North Hebron has turned himself in, the Israeli army said on Thursday.

One of the three soldiers was reportedly severely injured during Wednesday's collision.

After the the driver fled the scene, the Israeli army and police launched a large-scale search operation.

This was the second hit-and-run in less than 24 hours after al-Maqdisi Ibrahim Akari ran over a number of people in West Jerusalem, killing one Israeli soldier and injuring 11 other people.

The driver was shot dead at the scene of the collision.

Following Wednesday's fatalities, Israeli troops closed the road connecting Hebron and Jerusalem, setting up checkpoints in the Kfar Etzion area, preventing hundreds of vehicles from reaching Hebron.

The road between the southern West Bank towns of Beit Amr and Halhoul was also closed.

Palestinian officer killed

Before the hit-and-run in Hebron on Wednesday night, Ahmed Mohammad al-Madhoun, a 37-year-old first lieutenant in the Palestinian police was killed by an Israeli vehicle near the Ytshar settlement, southwest of Nablus. 

Sources in the Red Crescent medical aid centre in Tulkarm told al-Araby al-Jadeed that Madhoun died at the scene, with two others injured.

An Israeli settler was also reportedly killed in the same collision and two other settlers were injured. They were all taken to an Israeli hospital.

This is an edited translation from our Arabic edition.