Palestine 'frustrated' with Biden's failure to pressure Israelis: 'All we see is escalation'

Palestine 'frustrated' with Biden's failure to pressure Israelis: 'All we see is escalation'
Senior Palestinian officials have expressed frustration over Joe Biden's failure to pressure Israel to fulfill its commitments while it prioritises keeping a fragile coalition government alive
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03 June, 2022
Joe Biden is set to visit the Middle East in the coming weeks [Getty]

Top Palestinian officials have expressed their frustration with US President Joe Biden for failing to pressure Israel to fulfill its commitments as an occupying power.

Anonymous senior Palestinian officials told Haaretz that the Biden administration is prioritising keeping the fissured Israeli government afloat over the basic rights of Palestinians.

"There has been almost no progress," one senior Palestinian official said.

"All we see is escalation. All we hear from the Americans is that we have to wait, because Bennett and Lapid's situation is complicated."

"In recent weeks we see incursions into Palestinian cities every day," one top official said. "From the start of the year dozens were killed, including Shireen Abu Akleh, construction permits are being issued for settlements, and now there's even legislation against the Palestinian flag." 

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and current Foreign Minister Yair Lapid face challenges maintaining the Israeli coalition government's stability, as it relies on parties from across the political spectrum.

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The remarks come as Palestinian officials expressed annoyance at the way Western and Arab diplomats have dodged serious discussion of issues surrounding Palestinian rights ahead of Biden's planned Middle East visit later this month.

Among the Palestinian Authority's key demands has been the re-opening of a Palestinian consulate in East Jerusalem, to which the US has repeatedly said it is committed.

Biden has recently conveyed his "unwavering support" for Israel's security and "full support" for replenishing the Iron Dome air defence system.