Dozens injured as Sudan security forces crush peaceful pro-democracy protests

Dozens injured as Sudan security forces crush peaceful pro-democracy protests
At least 73 protesters were injured during pro-democracy demonstrations across Sudan on Monday.
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30 March, 2022
Sudanese security forces continue to crack down on pro-democracy protests calling for civilian rule [Getty]

At least 73 protesters were injured in a crackdown on anti-coup demonstrations across Sudan earlier this week, the Central Committee of Sudan Doctors said in a statement on Tuesday.

Twenty-six were wounded after security forces used live ammunition as pro-democracy protests swept through Sudan on Monday.

Five more were hurt after stun grenades were fired into the crowds, including one whose hand was amputated as a result of their injuries. Others were mowed down by Sudanese security forces vehicles, the committee said.

Another 10 civilians suffered symptoms of suffocation from tear gas, and 16 suffered body or head wounds by tear gas canisters.

At least 38 were injured in processions in the capital Khartoum and 25 were injured in Sudan's second largest city, Omdurman. 

Security forces have brutally suppressed pro-democracy protests calling for civilian rule, five months after Sudan's military general Abdel Fattah al-Burhan led a coup against former Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok's government.

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At least 92 protesters have been killed since the October coup began, as security forces continue to use "deadly violence against the peaceful revolutionaries", according to the medical committee.

They say their aim is to "expose the military council to the world" and work with community bodies to provide medical care to protesters.

Hamdok's resigned in the left the military in power and continued their crackdown on pro-democracy activists.

In addition to the political instability an economic crisis continues to tower over civilians