Outrage and solidarity: World leaders express condolences after #LondonAttacks

Outrage and solidarity: World leaders express condolences after #LondonAttacks
British and world leaders on Sunday condemned the attacks in Central London, reacting with both outrage and solidarity.
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04 June, 2017
Seven were killed and more than 30 were injured in Saturday's attack [Getty]
Leaders across the world rushed to offer condolences to London after three assailants went on a stabbing rampage and smashed into pedestrians with a van, killing a total of seven people before being shot dead by police.

The attack in London's nightlife hub unfolded in just a few minutes, bringing terror to a bustling part of the city. 

London's Mayor Sadiq Khan immediately condemned the attack as "barbaric".

He then released a statement urging that London "will never be cowered by terrorists".

UK Prime Minister Theresa May expressed her “huge gratitude to the police and emergency services who are on the scene," before extending her thoughts to the victims.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tweeted in solidarity with the victims, before releasing a statement announcing that Labour would be suspending election campaigning until Sunday evening.

"Those who wish to harm our people, divide our communities and attack our democracy will not succeed", he added in the statement.

European leaders

French President Emmanuel Macron offered his solidarity.

“In the face of this new tragedy, France is more than ever at Britain’s side. My thoughts go out to the victims and their loved ones," he said.

German chancellor Angela Merkel said in a statement on Sunday that she learned with "sadness and dismay" of the attacks.

"Today, we are united beyond all borders in horror and sorrow, but also in determination... in the fight against every form of terrorism, we stand firmly and with determination at Britain's side," she added.

The President of the EU commission Jean Claude Juncker extended his "thoughts and prayers".

Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned the "cruelty and cynicism" of the attack and called for greater joint efforts in the fight against terror, the Kremlin said.

"Putin expresses his profound condolences for the British people and condemns the terrorist attack carried out hours ago in London," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Russian news agencies.

"This crime shocks with its cruelty and cynicism," the Russian leader was quoted as saying later in a telegram to British Prime Minister Theresa May.

"The Russian president expressed his certainty that the common response to what has happened should be an increase in combined efforts in the fight against the forces of terror around the world," the Kremlin said.

Rest of the world

In a call with British Prime Minister Theresa May, US President Donald Trump "offered the full support of the United States government in investigating and bringing those responsible for these heinous acts to justice," a White House statement read.

He had also taken to Twitter in utilising the attack to justify his policies.

Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, also condemned the attacks and reaffirmed its support and solidarity with Britain in its efforts to combat "radicalism and terrorism."

Indonesia has been battling Muslim militants groups that have staged attacks across the sprawling archipelago, including in the capital Jakarta.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte also expressed his sympathies to the victims of the London attacks, even as his troops struggle to end a deadly siege of a southern city by Islamic State group-aligned local militants.

Duterte's spokesman Ernesto Abella says "acts such as these touched not only the people of London, they also touched all peace-loving people in the global community."

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also expressed his dismay, adding that Ottawa is monitoring the situation.