Outrage after dutch police assault hijab-wearing Muslim woman

Outrage after dutch police assault hijab-wearing Muslim woman
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18 April, 2019
A policeman in Netherlands is being investigated after he was filmed punching and kicking a Muslim woman.
The incident happened in Utrecht [Twitter]

A Dutch policeman caused global outrage after he was filmed kicking and punching a hijab-wearing Muslim woman in the Dutch city of Utrecht.

The video, which is currently making rounds on social media, showed the officer kicking the woman in the stomach after she tried to stop him kicking another woman on the ground.

He then punched her in the face.

The incident left people outraged at the violence against women, with many branding the act as Islamophobic.

"Dutch Police shows how tolerant it is, by beating women with Islamic headscarfs", someone tweeted.

Others are tweeting videos of the incident, claiming the brawl was started by the woman trying to stop the police from arresting another man.

Dutch police said they are investigating the video and they are currently trying to find the woman who was attacked to hear her account.

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