Osama bin Laden's son marries 9/11 ringleader's daughter

Osama bin Laden's son marries 9/11 ringleader's daughter
Hamza bin Laden has married the daughter of 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta.
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05 August, 2018
Osama bin Laden was killed by US special forces in 2009 [AFP]
Osama bin Laden's son has married the daughter of 9/11 terror attacks' mastermind Mohammed Atta, his family have told media.

Hamza bin Laden is believed to have taken a leading role in al-Qaeda, since the death of Osama, and has gone into hiding, determined to avenge the killing of his father, his two step-brothers told The Guardian.

He released an audio recording to al-Qaeda supporters from his hideout last year, when he called Muslims to wage holy war against "Crusader, Shia and international aggression".

Since then, he has reportedly made a high-profile union within the jihadi organisation, marrying the daughter of chief 9/11 hijacker, Mohammed Atta.

"We have heard he has married the daughter of Mohammed Atta," Ahmad al-Attas told the UK daily. 

"We're not sure where he is, but it could be Afghanistan."

His step-brothers Ahmad and Hassan al-Attas have not heard from Ahmad since and are now living in Saudi Arabia, along with Osama's mother Alia Ghanem, who has also spoken to the newspaper.

Bin Laden was killed in a US Navy SEALs raid on his compound in Pakistan in 2009, along with his son Khalid.

Egyptian al-Qaeda figure Mohammed Atta was killed when he flew a plane into the North Tower of the World Trade Centre in 2001.

He was the ringleader of the 9/11 terror attacks - when Osama was head of al-Qaeda - and the union of his daughter and Hamza highlights the prestigious position the families of the hijackers hold within the jihadi organisation.

His surviving children and wives now live under royal protection in Saudi Arabia.

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