Morocco: Leftist opposition party claims Israeli influence on Rabat over new gun law

Morocco: Leftist opposition party claims Israeli influence on Rabat over new gun law
The controversial leftist politician has also linked the new draft to Tel Aviv’s Elbit systems project in Morocco.
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16 February, 2024
Firearms ownership in Morocco was regulated by a law that goes back to 1937. [Getty]

Morocco has drafted a new law on firearms ownership. The country's left-wing opposition party suspects claims there is an Israeli agenda behind the new legalisation.

"The (Israelis) are building arms manufactures in Morocco, and they forced Morocco to pass a law regulating gunfire ownership for any citizen," claimed Nabila Mounib, a controversial figure of the left opposition in Morocco.

"You cannot imagine the danger of this. We should bring down the normalisation," added the MP in a recently surfaced video on social media. The video goes back to a speech Mounib gave on 5 February.

Last month, the national bulletin announced the ratification of a new law to "update and improve the legal arsenal related to firearms to keep pace with various legal, procedural, and modern technological developments."

Firearms ownership in Morocco was regulated by a law dating back to 1937.

"Those who wish to possess firearms must obtain a specific license according to the type of firearm, with the requirement that the applicant for a firearms possession license be of legal age, enjoying their national and civil rights, possessing physical and mental capabilities, and having a clean criminal record," reads the new law. 

The new draft mainly concerns hunting rifles and sports shooting firearms of categories (A) and (B), handguns designated for personal protection, traditional weapons, and starter pistols used in some sports competitions.

Mounib has claimed that the new law is dangerous as it would also benefit Israelis with Moroccan citizenships.

"We should revoke the Moroccan citizenship of those who have the blood of our Palestinian brothers in their hands," she added.

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While there's no official data on Israelis who hold Moroccan citizenship, Moroccan Jews and Jews of Moroccan ancestry make up around 1 million out of Israel's total population of 9.1 million in 2020. 

However, according to the new law, firearms permits would only be granted to Moroccan citizens based in Morocco. 

The controversial leftist politician, who has created a Frankenstein legacy of the left (anti-capitalism) and right ideas (homophobia, anti-vaccination), has also linked the new draft to Tel Aviv's Elbit systems project in Morocco.

Last June, Shai Cohen, the head of the Israeli Liaison Office in Morocco at the time, announced that Israeli arms manufacturer Elbit Systems is set to open two plants in the North African kingdom. The project has reportedly been in hiatus since the start of Israel's war on Gaza. 

Mounib's conspiracy theory has triggered a nationwide controversy over social media, with many asking Rabat for clarification. The Moroccan government has yet to address Mounib's allegations. 

TNA has contacted Mounib's party, the Unified Socialist Party, for further comments on the allegations, but no one was available to answer by the time of publication.