One Palestinian injured as Israeli troops storm Nablus

One Palestinian injured as Israeli troops storm Nablus
Israeli troops stormed the Old City of Nablus, clashing with Palestinian fighters and injuring one Palestinian before withdrawing.
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19 November, 2022
Israeli troops have launched frequent attacks on Nablus [Getty]

Palestinian fighters clashed with Israeli forces in the early hours of Saturday morning as the latter tried to storm the Old City area of Nablus.

Nablus-based journalist Ghassan Katout told The New Arab’s sister site Al-Araby al-Jadeed  that Israeli special forces stormed the old city, laying siege to the Yasmina Street and Atout Alley there. They later received support from regular Israeli army troops.

One Palestinian youth was shot in the foot by Israeli troops, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent and loud explosions were heard in the area.

Two other youths were detained by the Israeli forces, with both being released after a short period of time.

Katout said that Palestinian fighters fired on the Israeli troops from several directions, while Palestinian youths threw stones at them.

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The journalist said it was not clear why the Israeli forces had stormed the Old City. The clashes continued for an hour and a half before the Israeli withdrawal.

Nablus in the northern West Bank has been subjected to frequent deadly Israeli raids in recent months, as well as an Israeli siege.

The United Nations has said that 2022 is already the deadliest year for Palestinians since 2005, with Israel launching assaults on Palestinian cities in the West Bank and killing and injuring hundreds of people.

Hundreds of other Palestinians have been detained by Israel in the assaults.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club said in a statement on Saturday, released to coincide with World Children’s Day that 750 children had been detained by Israeli forces in 2022, some of who were injured by Israeli fire before their detention.

It said that 160 Palestinian children currently remained in detention in various Israeli prisons.