One journalist killed, four injured in Israeli strike on Lebanon

One journalist killed, four injured in Israeli strike on Lebanon
A journalists' car was reportedly targeted in the strike.
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13 October, 2023
The strikes came on Friday as Hezbollah and Israel traded rocket fire for the fifth day in a row. [Getty]

One journalist was killed, and at least four others were injured in an Israeli airstrike near the town of Alma asShaab on the Lebanese border on Friday.

Essam Abdullah from the Reuters news agency was killed, while correspondents from AFP and AlJazeera were also injured in the Israeli strike.

It was unclear if any more journalists were injured as a result of the strike.

The injured journalists were transported to a nearby hospital, though the extent of their injuries is still unknown.

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According to video footage shared by Lebanese media, a car belonging to one of the journalists was hit by the airstrike.

Footage captured one journalist screaming, "What happened? I cannot feel my legs," repeatedly.

The strike occurred on the fifth day of back-and-forth shelling between Israel and pro-Iran group Hezbollah in southern Lebanon and northern Israel.

Hezbollah struck Israel "in solidarity" with Hamas's attack on Israel on Saturday.

Exchanges between Israel and Hezbollah have steadily escalated throughout the week, though the two have stopped short of engaging in confrontation.