Oman's royal court says Sultan Qaboos' health 'stable' after mounting speculation

Oman's royal court says Sultan Qaboos' health 'stable' after mounting speculation
It comes amid mounting speculation about the health of Sultan Qaboos bin Said, Oman's long-time ruler.
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31 December, 2019
Sultan Qaboos has ruled Oman for nearly 50 years [Getty]
Weeks of speculation regarding to health of Oman's Sultan Qaboos bin Said have been addressed with the country's royal announcing that the ruler's health is stable.

"His Majesty is in a stable condition and continues the medical treatment programme prescribed for him... [and] extends his thanks and appreciation to his loyal people all across the country for their sincere wishes, noble sentiments and their support for their leadership," the Diwan of the Royal Court said in a statement.

"His Majesty prayed to Almighty Allah to safeguard Oman and its loyal people and grant them success towards more progress and prosperity to continue the successful march of development and to achieve the desired goals."

Speculation had mounted about Sultan Qaboos' health after receiving medical treatment for what is believed to be colon cancer.

On 13 December, Sultan Qaboos returned to Oman after a brief visit to Belgium, where he was expected to receive treatment for his illness. This sparked rumours that the sultan's health was in grave condition.

Omanis sent prayers on social media to their leader, but also asked for clarification on Sultan Qaboos' health, who has no publically designated successor.

Sultan Qaboos has ruled Oman since 1970 when the country was underdeveloped and isolated from much of the world. 

He has been at the helm of Oman into one of the region's wealthiest states and known as one of the Middle East's key peacemakers, keeping close ties with the US and Iran.

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