Omani shot dead on UAE border

Omani shot dead on UAE border
An Omani citizen was shot dead on the border with the UAE.
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18 June, 2020
Oman confirmed the death on Thursday [Getty]
An Omani national was shot and killed on the UAE border earlier this week, Muscat confirmed on Thursday

The Omani embassy in Abu Dhabi issued a statement confirming that one of its citizens came under fire on the border with the UAE on Tuesday night and died.

"The Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman in Abu Dhabi followed the case that had an Omani citizen being exposed to fire in the border area between the Sultanate and the United Arab Emirates, which led to his killing on Tuesday evening, June 16, 2020. The embassy regrets this," the statement read.

This is the first official announcement on the death since information came out earlier in the week.

No further details were given but the embassay said it was investigating the incident with relevant authorities in the UAE.

Relations between the two neighbours have been cordial but at times strained, given differences on regional issues such as Yemen.

There have also been reports of UAE interference in Oman, in recent years.

Oman is also not part of the UAE-Saudi-led blockade on Qatar.

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