Omani football fans chant 'corona, corona' in tasteless celebration

Omani football fans chant 'corona, corona' in tasteless celebration
Omani football fans have ignored government warning and held celebrations outside a crowd.
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17 March, 2020
Omani football fans celebrated with a corona song [Twitter]

Scores of Omani football fans gathered outside Al-Seeb stadium last week chanting "corona, corona", as the club edged closer to winning the league title.

The deadly disease has wreaked havoc across the world, killing thousands and causing misery for many more families.

But some Omani football fans have taken up the disease as an anthem for the club, as the edge closer to a league win. 

Al-Seeb remained five points ahead of their league rivals Dhofar after a clash between the two clubs on Saturday ended in a 1-1 draw.

With three games to go, As-Seeb are top of the league and the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country could end the season as it stands - meaning the seaside town would likely be awarded the title.

To celebrate the crucial draw against Dhofar, As-Seeb fans held a tasteless mini-party outside the stadium after the game, as the team edged ever closer to winning a historic league title.

The crowd dressed gold Al-Seeb football shirts - some covering their faces - danced in a huddle and sang "corona, corona" - theatre which has been widely criticised in the country.

Football seasons across the world have been suspended, played behind closed doors, or ended early due to the coronavirus outbreak, including in neighbouring Saudi Arabia and the UAE. 

Oman has 24 cases of coronavirus, most of them linked to travel abroad but has not yet officially ended sporting events.

Omani authorities have introduced a raft of measures to deal with the coronavirus outbreak, including banning entry to foreigners, suspending flights, and shutting shisha cafes.

Yet the football season is continuing, with only three games left until its finale.

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