Oman policeman stabbed to death at Muscat mall

Oman policeman stabbed to death at Muscat mall
A policeman has been stabbed to death in an Oman mall, in a rare murder incident that has shook the sultanate.
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30 December, 2017
Oman has witnessed a rare public murder [file photo-Getty]
An Omani police officer was stabbed to death at a busy Muscat mall on Saturday with two others people injured in the attack.

The attack took place at 1pm at the City Centre Muscat mall in the suburbs of the capital with the suspect arrested and taken to hospital.

"Royal Oman Police mourns the death of one of its members today, while performing his duty and may Allah bestow his soul with the martyrs and the truthful, and asks all employees of the police to convey their condolences to the bereaved family, and we call Allah to inspire them with patience and fortitude," the police said in a statement.

Police said the suspect was mentally ill and launched the attack after the officer approached him, Oman Observer reported.

Photos and videos of the incident have been shared widely on social media.

"Referring to your video clips and photos traded on social media about a murder in Muscat City Centre complex, police are confirming the arrest of the accused and the case proceedings," the ROP said.

"Police indicate that the medium used in crime are white weapon (knife)... the offence resulted in one death and injured two others."