No Israeli move to annex ahead of Trump plan: Israel's UN envoy

No Israeli move to annex ahead of Trump plan: Israel's UN envoy
Israel's UN ambassador said Binyamin Netanyahu will not move to follow up on his election pledge to annex West Bank settlements before the US 'Deal of the Century' is released.
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19 April, 2019
The US' proposed peace plan has been dubbed the 'Deal of the Century' [Getty]

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will not move to follow up on his election pledge to annex West Bank settlements before a US peace plan is released, Israel's UN ambassador said on Wednesday.

Netanyahu made the promise during the last days of campaigning for the April 9 vote, raising alarm bells over a move that would kill off prospects for Palestinian statehood.

"I don't think that we will take any action before the plan is published," Ambassador Danny Danon told reporters about the campaign pledge. 

"We will wait. We will see the plan. We will engage and I don't know where it will lead us," he said.

Netanyahu did not specify which parts of the West Bank would be annexed, but Israeli occupation over a large area would dash hopes for the Palestinians of establishing a state of their own in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. 

President Donald Trump's administration is expected to unveil its proposals for Israeli-Palestinian peace possibly in the coming weeks, but Danon noted that Palestinian leaders had already declared the plan "dead on arrival."

He said the plan would be published "in the near future" and suggested that the timing would likely be between May - after the new Israeli government takes office - and November, when the US election season starts.

Israeli press reports have said the plan, which is expected to focus heavily on economic development, could be made public at the end of May or early June. 

Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner is the chief architect of the proposals along with lawyer Jason Greenblatt.

A regional plan

The ambassador said that the proposals' fate hinged not only on the Palestinian response but also on the reaction of key Arab countries in the region, such as Egypt and Jordan.

"For the last 71 years the Palestinians have always said 'no'. They choose to say 'no' all the time and we expect it will be the same, and after that, I don't know what will be the role of other partners in the region," he said.

From the Israeli perspective, the US initiative should be a "regional plan" to include Egypt, Jordan "and even more countries" to support the process, he added.

Danon said he did not know whether the US plan will call for a Palestinian state, but he said that should not prevent the Palestinian side from engaging in talks about the proposals.

The Palestinians shut the door on the Trump administration after it recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital and cut Palestinian aid. 

On Tuesday, Palestine’s foreign minister said at a meeting in Moscow that Donald Trump's anticipated “Deal of the Century” will bring bad news to the Middle East.

Speaking at the Fifth Russia-Arab Cooperation Forum held in Moscow, Riyad Malki warned that forthcoming developments in Trump’s Deal of the Century will spell trouble for Palestinians and prospects for their future state.

"The coming days and months will bring us bad news with the so-called deal of the century, which started with turning Jerusalem over to Israel and seems going to end with recognition of Israeli sovereignty over large areas of the occupied West Bank as demanded by Israeli Prime Minister (Binyamin) Netanyahu”, he said on Tuesday.

“These Israeli crimes and violations would not have happened in such a manner and would not have disregarded international resolutions and law if it wasn’t for the lax position of the international community toward this Israeli insolence and without the immunity and protection of the US administration for its crimes that helped it avoid accountability and prosecution until today,” Maliki added.

Arab foreign ministers' call for an urgent meeting comes amid reports insinuating that the peace deal will not include a Palestinian state, however, little is known about the Trump administration's long-waited proposal to end the decades-long conflict.

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