New US-led task force to focus on the Red Sea

New US-led task force to focus on the Red Sea
A US-led task force of regional navies plans to extensively use unmanned technologies and artificial intelligence.
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Washington, D.C.
12 May, 2022
A new US-led Red Sea task force will use unmanned technology and artificial intelligence. [Getty]

The United States will be putting more resources toward its military operations in the Red Sea through the establishment of a new international task force, which will use unmanned systems and artificial intelligence.

In a press briefing Wednesday, Vice Admiral Brad Cooper spoke on a conference call with reporters about what a new task force would mean for their work in the area of the Red Sea.

Speaking from Bahrain, the location of the US Fleet headquarters and the US Fifth Fleet headquarters, Cooper emphasised the increased role of artificial intelligence in their sea patrols, which include 8,000 kilometres of coastline.

"I believe that we are on the cusp of an unmanned technological revolution, and this calls for regional navies to work together more closely," he said, noting that the combined task force includes 34 countries, which he says will focus on maritime security, including counter-smuggling and deterring threats from Iran.

Though the task force includes Egypt and multiple Arab Gulf states, it does not presently include Israel. When asked by a reporter about the potential for Israel joining, Cooper appeared to leave the possibility open, deferring to Israel about that decision.

"Today, Israel is not a member of CMF, and I would defer to Israel in terms of what their national decision would be going forward," he said.