'AlloMyStar': Morocco's answer to Cameo allows fans to pay for personalised videos from celebrities

'AlloMyStar': Morocco's answer to Cameo allows fans to pay for personalised videos from celebrities
A new app in Morocco gives fans of actors and musicians the opportunity for personalised videos.
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23 September, 2021
Celebrities are offering videos to their fans, for a price [Getty]

A new Moroccan app gives fans the chance to pay for personalised videos from their favourite celebrities, prompting criticism about over-charging and a comparison with US-based video app Cameo.

The new mobile application is called ‘AlloMyStar’ and allows Moroccan celebrities to charge for sending videos to their fans.

The price rates are determined by the number of minutes a fan has requested from their celebrity of choice, and different celebrities charge different rates.

The website allows users to browse different categories, including singer, model, actor, athlete and gamer, among other showbiz-related groups.

Some of the celebrities who are available on the app include singers Mohamed Rifi and Nadia Laaroussi and fashion model Hind Sdassi, and call prices can range from 198 Moroccan Dirhams (US$22) to 800 Dirhams (US$89).

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A fan could request a shoutout from singer Ahmed Chawki for the equivalent of US$33, whereas actress Salma Sairi will do a shoutout for US$22.

Public figures from Egypt, France and the United Arab Emirates are also options in the app.

The shoutout feature follows that of Cameo, an American-based app which allows fans to ask for personalised video messages from their favourite singers and actors.

Some people were excited at the prospect of talking with their favourite stars.

“If Younes Bouab joins AlloMyStar I might just spend my life savings on a video call with him who knows,” one twitter user wrote.

Others were less impressed.

“Allo my star … Are you serious????” one person wrote.

Others uploaded videos making fun of the service.

“AlloMyStar is the first platform in Morocco enabling fans to request personalised videos from their favourite stars in all fields: music, sport, modelling, influencing,” a press release wrote.

“Through our platform, you can request and book personalised video messages from your favourite stars either for you or to surprise your loved ones from family and friends. You can book these stars for different reasons ranging from events to a special dinner date with them. AlloMyStar is the place where you can make your occasions more special and add joy to your day.”

Some people on the Internet are criticising celebrities, particularly singers, and accusing them of trying to shore up more income in the wake of cancelled concerts due to Covid-19 restrictions in the last year and a half.