Israel's invasive West Bank entry rules come into effect

Israel's invasive West Bank entry rules come into effect
A set of new strict rules by Israel for foreigners wishing to enter the West Bank came into effect on Thursday
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21 October, 2022
The new rules are expected to make life much harder for Palestinians and foreigners visiting the occupied territory [Getty/archive]

Israel has begun implementing strict and very controversial rules on people wishing to enter and stay in the occupied West Bank, extending its control of daily life and movement in and out of the territory.

COGAT, the Israeli body in charge of Palestinian civilian affairs, first outlined the new regulations back in February. They include rules such as requiring people to inform Israeli authorities if they have a love interest with a Palestinian living in the West Bank.

The original document required people to register with Israeli authorities within 30 days if they are in a relationship, but that was dropped.

Israel has vowed to go ahead with the new, invasive policy despite international criticism.

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Nearly all foreign nationals - including Palestinians living abroad - going to volunteer, work or study in the West Bank will be granted only single-entry visas, some valid for just three months. They will have to leave between visas and wait before reapplying for entry.

Residency is limited to a period ranging between 12 and 27 months.

The rules however do not apply to people visiting Israel or the more than 130 Jewish settlements scattered across the West Bank, deemed illegal by most of the international community.

Israel captured the West Bank in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war and has continued its brutal occupation despite numerous international resolutions calling for its withdrawal.