New crackdown on civil rights in Kashmir

New crackdown on civil rights in Kashmir
Indian police have launched a new clampdown on civil rights in the disputed Kashmir district, including house arrests and preventing Friday prayers at mosques.
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25 September, 2016
Protests have continued in the Muslim-majority area for 78 continuous days [Getty]
India has enforced a new curfew and clampdown on rights in a number of towns in the disputed Kashmir region.

It follows a recent escalation in protests that have continued for 78 days.

Police have arrested more than three hundred protestors for throwing stones in the last month and prevented worshippers from attending the mosque for Friday prayers.

This has sparked reprisal protests and violence from the local population, however, as young men usually take to the streets following night-time raids and arrests.

The uprising began after government forces killed the militant seperatist leader Burhan Wani in a gun battle on 8 July.

This is the third uprising in recent years in the Muslim-majority region of the region in Hindu-majority India, which locals view as an occupation, the first being in 2008 and the second in 2010.

It has also been a flashpoint for tensions between Pakistan - which claims the territory - while India insists the Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of the country.