Palestine Red Crescent releases new audio of Little Hind's last words

Palestine Red Crescent releases new audio of Little Hind's last words
The PRCS released a new audio of six-year-old Hind Rajab on Sunday documenting the moments of horror she experienced while waiting to be rescued in a car.
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19 February, 2024
The young girl became known as "little Hind" [Getty]

A new audio recording of six-year-old Hind Rajab was released on Sunday by the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS), documenting the little girl's final terrifying moments when she was trapped in a car with her dead relatives after they were killed in an Israeli attack.

Little Hind, as the young Palestinian girl has become known, called the PRCS urging them to rescue her, explaining that her family had intended to leave the area before their car was targeted by Israeli tanks nearby.

In the new recording, she can be heard telling a Red Crescent member by phone: "They are dead. The tank is next to me. It is moving from the front of the car".

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Hind explained in a terrified voice that the tank was "very close", urging the woman on the phone to stay on the call until she is recused.

Hind waited and remained on the phone for three hours with the PRCS team.

But the ambulance crew was unable to get to her because of the intensity of the gunfire and their vehicle also being targeted by the Israeli forces.

On 12 February, days after her last call, an ambulance team found Hind's body. She had died the day she made her plea along with the two paramedics who set out to rescue her.

"Hind was killed alone as the (Israeli) occupation first bombed the ambulance that was heading to rescue her, just a few meters away from her, resulting in the killing of Red Crescent paramedics Yousef Zaino and Ahmed Al-Madhoun," the PRCS posted on X.

Israel launched a brutal air, land and sea offensive that has killed more than 29,000 people in Gaza - 70 percent of whom were women and children.

Many more children and adolescents were wounded with life-changing injuries.

In December, the UN children's agency declared Gaza "the most dangerous place in the world" for a child. 

UNICEF also said that one child is killed every 10 minutes in Gaza and described the enclave as "a graveyard for thousands of children".    

"I'm furious that those with power shrug at the humanitarian nightmares unleashed on a million children," UNICEF spokesperson James Elder previously said.